About Us



We are the UNINFLUENCED. Oblvyn isn’t just another clothing brand emphasising unrealistic bodies on social media. There’s a reason why guys and gals choose Oblvyn clothing for their everyday clothing and activewear. Oblvyn is a lifestyle. Oblvyn means you can be fit and healthy and go out on the weekend, enjoy a few beers and fill your bellies with tacos! 

We represent a realistic ‘sexy’. We represent balance. We believe you should work hard and play hard. Oblvyn delivers you well made, well fitted, well-priced, comfortable fitness apparel that is both functional and fashionable. 

Meet our directors


Oblvyn was founded by lifelong Sydney friends, Scott Hermann and Matt Wyllie. From a young age, their friendship was built on shared interests such as team sports, riding bikes, skating, trampolining in the backyard and running amok in their local neighbourhood. 


As they grew up and the team sports faded and the trampolining was replaced by parties, they found themselves complicit in the idea that guys needed to go to the gym, get big and build muscle! And they did. They worked hard, ate their protein and proudly displayed their hard work! But that was then. That was before social media, where working out became less about yourself and more about how many likes you could get on your topless Santorini photos. As social media became as much a part of people’s fitness routines than ever before, they noticed a trend of fitness companies increasing an emphasis on unrealistic bodies.

Feeling that people were becoming increasingly oblivious to the impact that social media was having on all of us, the guys decided to build the Oblvyn brand for the UNINFLUENCED. Oblvyn encourages people to take care of themselves and to strive for balance; rather than being influenced by unrealistic images that make ‘perfection’ look normal. Oblvyn is for the people that want to live a balanced lifestyle. Oblvyn is for people who want to make mistakes and learn from them. Oblvyn is for people that are okay with a weekend blow-out. Oblvyn is for those of us that are okay with being imperfect and UNINFLUENCED. Oh, and for those of us who just want to wear some super comfy, well fitted clothes.


So we are taking it back a notch, we are relinquishing the grip that social media influencers

have on us, what is considered ‘sexy’, and what it means to be ‘healthy.’ Because life isn’t perfect but fuck it can be fun.


We intend to create a community of people who can proudly wear Oblvyn clothing and know that we aren’t just another influencer driven t-shirt printing company. We are taking a stand and you are making a statement.