Move over Winter, the warmer months are upon us!

Warmer temperatures? Is that the end of Winter in Australia? Here's hoping!

As the nation comes to grips with the ever-growing Delta variant, we find ourselves being locked down at home. The only reason to leave? Your essentials; food shopping, medical, receiving the jab or compassionate reasons. The bonus is that it has been cold. (Cold by Australian standards). However, these cold days and nights are numbered. 

How have you been coping? Are you bored of the daily pressers? Particularly if you're on the eastern seaboard of Australia. Shout out to Greater Sydney (and NSW) for battling through lock down. Heads up to Victoria, who had the unfortunate milestone of 200 days (and counting) total lock down since the start of the pandemic. The last 18 months hasn't been easy, though staying positive and looking forward to better times gets us through!

You're probably wondering why the boys from OBLVYN have started writing articles? We say, why not keep you all up to date, entertained and informed. 

Our success has come mostly from our Summer fits, so move over Winter! 

Since the beginning of our journey, we have experimented, trialled and released to market some tee's that we think have been stylish, relevant and unique. Enter, 'The Inbetweeners'. Why the name? The name just spewed out in a chat with the team, where we wanted to deliver some goods in between our current range and our big summer range launching later this year, Summer Of Love (SOL for short - as us Aussies like shortening every damn word). We will be paying homage to the retro summer vibes, cold beers and a bloody good time. Something we've all missed terribly. Don't ask us anymore about that. It'll be awesome though! 'The Inbetweeners' will feature two graphic tees and a branded tee. More will be revealed in the coming month. 

Stay tuned, stay safe and let's look forward to a wicked summer, because we sure as shit bloody need it!


Peace x 


Scott & Matt. Aka 'the Oblvyn boys' 

 PS. to cop the last winter gear head here

two retro guys on bench

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