Lock Down Chronicles: Breaking Limited Boundaries


"Lock down extended a further month" 
"When we get to 70% double dose"
"You will be able to live a lot more freely"
"Dust off your COVID safety plans" 
Sound familiar? You'd be lying if you said it doesn't. It's become the new norm. We have come accustom to this way of life. To plan holidays or not. To plan something in the future. How good would an overseas trip be?!
This is all fantasy land, however we assure you we will get there. It's not just us, it's the entire planet. Some countries are changing their approach, it seems like the tide is shifting. Let's hope!
Ever heard the saying, 'reinvent or die?' - if there is one thing we can all take from that, it is to reinvent, constantly. Without that mentality, you will cease to exist. The limited boundaries must be broken. 
We, as a business, are far from perfect. We have definitely discovered that. 
Allow more time, plan accordingly, factor in the difficulties off shore suppliers might be facing, work within your budget and execute those damn goals. 
Much love x
Oblvyn boys - Matt & Scott
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