Life-Changing Morning Routines - Try This!

Coffee! End of story. 


That's probably what most of you are thinking, though that is not it. It helps, don't get me wrong, we've all got some level of caffeine addiction. The only issue with that delicious warm drink when you wake up, is your tolerance. Before you know it, you're smacking two, three sometimes four+ per day. 

Speaking of tolerance. Tolerance can be a wonderful thing. Tolerance is defined as 'a settled or regular tendency or practice, that is hard to give up'. Why not channel this regular tendency or practice into a morning routine, a habit, something that benefits the body, the mind and the general well-being of ones self. 

Here are two morning routines to help the body & the mind. 

Oh and you can still have coffee, don't give that up just yet ;)

BREATHWORK (10 Minutes)

The art of breath work has seriously gained huge popularity in recent years. It is proven to assist in balancing your blood pressure, allow for more of a deeper sleep, build a strong respiratory function, release stress and hormones from your body and many more. 

Find yourself a comfortable spot in your place. Sit up, be horizontal, whichever way you feel the best. Put your headphones on and start to transcend. 

You will find a link at the bottom of this article. Wim Hof provides a great example of this. Try it tomorrow! you won't be disappointed. 


Your body is like a machine, if you don't use it, you'll lose it. Your joints and muscles need movement, that require mobility. Stretching has many benefits. Not only will you feel better for it, your health will too. Stretching benefits range from injury reduction, to decreasing your risk of injury and increasing blood flow.

I started 2023 with a goal of completing both of these tasks every morning and the results speak volumes for my mental, physical and overall well being. Let's do this together. We'd love to hear your feedback.  

Functional kit available when you are ;)

Happy breathing and stretching, legends. 


To get Wim Hof's breath work routine click here

For a basic stretching routine can be found here

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