Get In Shape In 45 Minutes - Lower Body & Core


We're back again and we're here to help you through a fast efficient session. I have the receipts for this one. Whilst it is painful, it is so effective. This will make or break you and you can do this no matter where your fitness journey is at! 

A lot of us make the mistake of 'skipping leg day' when we carve out our fitness journey, myself included. Don't look like a Dorito, it isn't fun! Besides looks, there are plenty of other benefits to training these areas of the rig and it does get somewhat bearable after a while.

These are:

- Stimulating hormones  

- Balancing strength 

- Engages the core (throw in some specific core exercises to really question why you're doing it!)

- Improving Posture 

- Alleviating stress 

And many more. 

Get involved and let us know how you go!


TWO sets of 20 Reps at 50% weight capacity - Warm Up. This is the important part!

TWO sets of 30 reps. We go 10 heavy, 10 moderate & 10 light - Working sets


Lying Leg Raise (hamstring)

Calf Raise

Weighted Lunge - HEAVY

(15 reps of each exercise X 4 sets)


Oblique Crunch - Each side 

Lying Leg Raise

Lying Ankle Taps 

(10 reps of each X 3 sets)


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