Ever wondered what fast fashion is? It's cheap, mass produced clothing made at low cost and a lot of it never ends up seeing the light of day, becoming waste it clogs up the ecosystem with poorly made garments that won't last.

At OBLVYN we are extremely careful in selecting how many items we are producing and have a strict quality control to avoid unnecessary wastage.

We don't make 10,000 tee shirts at a time then ship them all over the world, we do smaller orders and make sure we absolutely sell out before venturing into a restock.

This is good for a few reasons, we aren't stuck with teeshirts that aren't selling, and the ones we are selling are designed to age well and go the distance so that they aren't just a 'wear once and forget' kind of thing.

As we continue to grow our stock orders do increase amongst the different size grades, but our commitment to no wastage remains the same. An OBLVYN tee on a back is worth two in the warehouse (or something like that).

So rest assured when you buy a garment from us, they aren't just an awesome, stylish piece that your friends will be jealous of; there has been A LOT of thought and time spent on why that exact garment exists.

OBLVYN is committed to becoming as waste free and green thinking as possible. We are always open to suggestions and ideas so feel free to reach out to us at support@oblvyn.com if you have anything you want to say!

Much love


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